Available Birds

Petland’s birds are all born in the United States and bought from breeders that are regulated by the USDA. Pet birds make great companions and excellent pets! They brighten our homes, enrich our lives and can even improve our mental and physical health. The key to bringing happiness to all members of your family is choosing the right pet bird that fits your home and lifestyle. Petland Round Lake Beach carries a variety of birds and the food & supplies for all types of birds. Please call or stop in to see what we have as our pet stock is constantly changing. We mostly handle parakeets, Conures, and large birds like African Greys, Cockatoos, plus we can handle your Special Orders.

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White Face Pied

White Face Pied Ref ID: 9568 816-228-6868

White Face Pied

White Face Pied Ref ID: 9558 816-228-6868

White Face Pearl

White Face Pearl Ref ID: 9599 816-228-6868

White Face Normal

White Face Normal Ref ID: 9539 816-228-6868


Pearly Ref ID: 9735 816-228-6868

Pastel Grey

Pastel Grey Ref ID: 9741 816-228-6868

Pastel Faced Pearl

Pastel Faced Pearl Ref ID: 9739 816-228-6868

Normal Gray

Normal Gray Ref ID: 9740 816-228-6868


Lutino Ref ID: 9738 816-228-6868


Albino Ref ID: 9737 816-228-6868

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