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Tara Donaldson

Customer Comments: The staff was very knowledgeable. Thank you for all your help.

Taylor Zielinski

Customer Comments: The expierience you get when you walk into Petland Round Lake Beach is just amazing! They make you feel like family there. They may or may not know customers' names by heart but they sure do know animals' names by heart which is great! They all love animals so much and you can easily see this by the way they treat them. I was always sceptical about Petlands and puppy mills but after a few visits and actually listening to what the employees say instead of ignoring them and just playing with the animals, I now know that the puppies you are purchasing from there and very healthy and well taken care of. Though they are pricey, it is way worth it. Just think that they need to make a living too. Yeah you can go out and get a "pure bread" yellow lab down the street from somebody, you never know what you are truly getting and at petland you certainly do! All dogs are microchipped and have theri papers. If you are looking for pet, pet supplies, or just looking to play with some puppies, go check out Petland Round Lake Beach.

Lisa Gilmore

Customer Comments: I have worked both with Robert & Matt at additional puppy purchases. Both of these individuals are attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly. They both make purchases through Petland a great experience.

Kim kolb

Customer Comments: Three my dogs have been purchased at a Petland over the years! Always a great experience with my purchase! All my pets were purchased healthy, had papers, and the staff helpful with puppy care.

K Benesch-Tullis

Customer Comments: We have a wonderful dog we bought at Petland as a puppy. If it hadn't been for Petland, we never would have this dog in our lives. He has been a wonderful addition to our family, and helped us through some difficult times. I would never have known what a Zuchon "Teddy Bear" dog was or would have been able to add one to our family. Thank you.

Steve Skip

Customer Comments: This a great pet shop, friendly staff!

Aubrey Konrath

Customer Comments: This a great pet shop, friendly staff!

Angie Zizzo

Customer Comments: Fall in love with all the puppies

Lori Burge

Customer Comments: Staff is awesome! They remember you and your pets by name when you come back to visit! Would get another pet from them for sure.

Connor Joyce

Customer Comments: Huge selection of puppies. Really nice staff!

Mike Santa

Customer Comments: Petland has such cute pets!!!i love playing with the dogs. We have got hamsters and a bird there. My parakeet is very healthy. He should live 5-8 years and he is 6.

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